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New Sky, New Grass Texture, Trees,Thirst...
Now Tree Looking more Natural, random rotation. Now Trees Its more Detailed. New ground grass texture. New sky. Now its more hard to survive, now have thirst, h...
2 files
Fixed Resolution bug...
Fixed Resolution bug(now to change resolution is only in unity launcher)
1 file
New tree system,Optimization,New Desert Sound...
New tree system, Loading, farming, and optimization New Tree Trunk model Desert Sound Ambience New sand texture Fixed footsteps sounds Crosshair Removed(For now...
2 files App linked with game Bug Fixed.
Fixed Bug, You have app and the game do not start, even though you have. Fixed some Grass Glitch.
1 file
First Release.
First Release. just for start the dev blog, More Coming Soon. (:
2 files