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Villagers and Kings : Alpha - DEV 0.0.6


My idea about this game is to make RPG, not just a simple RPG. The idea is you create your character, start from nothing, then you start grownup your skills, etc. start working in a normal work like blacksmith, Baker, bricklayer / Builder, etc. but if you want to be a soldier or maybe a king, or just an adventurous guy you can. This is the main idea of the game, be free to live a life of a person in a procedural fantasy world, to be whatever you want, don't just a human, but an elf, orc, or another thing.

Current Features

  • Procedural world
  • Procedural Biomes
  • (ALPHA) Procedural Villages
  • (DEV) Multiplayer system
  • (ALPHA) Inventory system
  • Basic combat system

Future Features

  • City/Villages player build system
  • Interact with NPCs(Talk, Fight, Trade, Stole)
  • Strategy Battle System(you can be a army general)
  • More Soon.


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villagers-and-kings-alpha64B.zip 61 MB
Version a0.0.6

Development log


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I tried to play but all I got once in the game is a black screen but health bar (hearts) showed.  So I couldn't play.

hmm... I don't know, is complicated in the stage of the game, I am changing the gameplay type, new procedural generation, new camera style, with these changes is hard to know what is happening, maybe you are spawning on the void, as you said is a black screen, check if your game is updated, try create another character.

Good luck with this !

I will follow closely